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Most of the S60v5 Mobile phones have Screen Rotation. But After using my phone for sometime i felt that the Screen rotation has become very slow as compared to previous time. So i had to turn off the Screen rotation of my phone. But now i have found an App which increases phone's rotation Speed and Hence saves your time too.


  • Starts with system startup.
  • Doesn't consume much space. (6KB Only)
  • Rotate your Phone's Screen Faster.


File Size: 2 KB
Click on below download Button to download this App.

NOTE: This app doesn't have any ICON and you can't modify it's functions. It works as a System app. To know How to uninstall this App Read Below.
I tested this app in Hacked phone and If it says certificate error then you'll need to Hack your Phone or Sign this App.
For any Other Error Click Here.

How to Uninstall:

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Application Manager.
  2. Click on installed apps and Find the application Named 'Screen Rotation Speed Mode'
  3. Click on Options then Uninstall and Your application will be uninstalled.
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